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Bourke is the center of an 'Outback Hub' with many spokes to the wheel. There are villages, parks, and sites at every point of the compass, affording dozens of opportunities for day trips, overnighters, or longer stays in the real outback.

An hour in any direction will take you to an iconic outback village like Louth, Byrock, or Enngonia where local hospitality is waiting to show you the hidden secrets of the area, so whether it's a brief sojourn or a deep dive into the 'Back' of Bourke, your journey begins here.


  • Experience the famous Darling River aboard the majestic Jandra Paddleboat. Enjoy one of the relaxing daily cruises, or book a private charter for your special event. Once onboard, the Captain will inform and entertain you with a delightful commentary on river life, flora, fauna, and the riverboat era's history.
  • View the iconic North Bourke Bridge, Australia's oldest movable span bridge. This bridge is one of the most historic bridges in New South Wales. It is one of two surviving lift span bridges in New South Wales, with the other upstream of Bourke at Brewarrina.
  • The sunsets at Mount Oxley are stunning, with vibrant pinks and purples painting the sky. Mount Oxley showcases the abundance of wildlife in the region, including wedge-tail eagles and wallabies.
  • Bourke cemetery is a fascinating piece of Australia's frontier history. An hour spent browsing the inscriptions will take you back into a world of bushrangers and drovers, cameleers and riverboat men, lost children and local heroes. Bourke's cemetery predates the town.
  • Fred Hollows memorial and grave. Fred Hollows was laid to rest in Bourke, where the red dirt and mulgas signal the start of the outback, which he loved so much.
  • The Percy Hobson Mural was completed in April 2021 by renowned Lightning Ridge artist John Murray, local artists Brian Smith and Bobby Barrett, Melbourne street artist Lucas Kasper and a crew of local Indigenous artists.
  • Back O' Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre is a world-class centre that employs a series of interactive installations and stunning visual screen displays to immerse visitors with stories of the Australian Outback, bringing them to life and actively engaging visitors with the area's rich history.

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