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The village of Louth was established in 1859 when an Irishman named T.A. Mathews built a pub to cater to the passing river trade, and the Cobb and Co coaches, both of which were servicing the booming pastoral industry of that era.

At one stage the town grew to have three hotels, a cordial factory, three bakeries, two butchers, a post office, three churches, a Chinese garden, a general store, and a police station. Today, Louth is a small and friendly village consisting of a pub, a fuel stop, and a tiny school.


  • The iconic Louth races are held in August each year, drawing a massive crowd keen to capture the magic of the outback races!
  • Visit the historic cemetery and the emotive "Celtic Cross" an 8 metre high polished granite cross that memorialises Mary Mathews the wife of Louth's founder. For three minutes at sunset, the sun catches the monument and shines bright.
  • View the beautifully restored post office established in 1869 and the tiny Louth church.
  • Take a tour of historic Dunlop Station, 14km downstream from Louth. Established in 1880 and once a million acres, it was the first sheep station in the world to use mechanical shears.
  • Enjoy a beer and a pub meal at Shindy's Inn.

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