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Fords Bridge

The village of Fords Bridge, located on the Warrego River, was once a tiny flourishing town with a butcher shop, post office, school and race track. Today "Fordsie" is a sleepy town of four!

However, Fords Bridge can claim at least one famous association: the drunken bush poet, Henry Lawson, lived and worked in the area.

A little-known or understood geological oddity occurs in the Fords Bridge area - northeast of the town is a location known as the "Sounding Mound". It's a 30-metre by 12-metre area, which sounds hollow when jumped upon, although hard on top. The region contains many such curiosities, which may be 'mound springs.


  • Call into the historical Warrego Hotel, built in 1913 from mud brick and thought to be the only pub in Australia still standing constructed of mud bricks. The pub also rests on the Cobb and Co changing station site, where the legendary stage coaches swapped their horses for a new team.
  • Camp and catch a few yabbies' on the Warrego River.
  • Take a selfie with the Big Yabby!
  • Visit the historic cemetery.