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“My family originated from Gundabooka. We weren’t able to get back there much when I was a kid, we didn’t have a car and it was a long way in those days.”

“The boys in the family were told more of the stories of the family than we were, but we have been able to learn the stories as we grew.”

“Gundabooka is a very spiritual place. The rock art depicts ceremonies, the fish-traps at Brewarrina, and the traditional animals. The paintings are very significant for the Ngemba people and can be found at Gundabooka and Mt Grenfell (near Cobar)”

“This sculpture represents the totem of my family, Thulii the sand goanna, and also the evidence of Aboriginal people which is often indicated by scarred trees. The rock-art at Gundabooka. The patterns on the goanna’s back are representative of the rock art at that can be found Gundabooka, and connects my family to the art, to the landscape, and to the people who traditionally belonged there.”

Dot Martin

Carved Cypress Macrocarpa
Designed by Andrew Hull
Crafted by John Brady