Darling river run


The Darling River Run is a spectacular journey, stretching nearly 950 kilometres, following alongside the might darling. this memorable road trip is rich in history of pioneering days, and showcases impressive scenery, while highlighting Aboriginal history and culture.

The Darling River Run towns allow travellers to experience the friendly and welcoming nature of the outback communities that dot it's banks. When you spend time in towns along the Darling River Run, you will have the opportunity to see the any attractions and off-road locations that make this a truly unique part of the Australian bush.

Please contact the Back O' Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre on 02 6872 1321 for further information.

To keep up to date with the current road conditions of The Darling River Run, please follow the links below:

Bourke Shire Council Road Reports

MR-68S Bourke - Louth

RLR-10 Toorale

MR-68S Louth - Tilpa East Side

RLR-10W Louth - Tilpa West Side

Cobar Shire Council Road Reports

68 Curranyalpa Road

3 Nelyambo Bridge Road

Central Darling Shire Road Reports

SR1 East Tilpa Road

MR68A West Tilpa Road

SR10 Wilcannia - Menindee East Road

MR68B Wilcannia - Menindee West Road