Pearl Gibbs

Pearl Gibbs

Pearl (Gambanyi) Gibbs was born to a mother of Ngemba or Murrawarri descent.

She reported that her girlhood working as a domestic servant with her Aboriginal parents on a sheep station at Byrock was happy and free of discrimination.

She met the feisty Bill Ferguson in 1937 and was soon drawn to his Aboriginal Progressive Association as secretary.

Pearl was a loyal friend to many Aboriginal activists over the years. Bill Ferguson in the 1940s, Bert Groves in the 1950s, to Kevin Gilbert in the 1970s.

She worked tirelessly to bring their dreams to fruition, and in 1967 witnessed the overwhelming referendum vote; 90.77% voted in favour of amendments to the constitution.

After a State branch of the Council for Aboriginal Rights was established in 1952, Pearl became the organising secretary. However, her most significant impact was her behind-the-scenes role of bringing people together to undertake new campaigns.

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