Stockade from draft


Fort Bourke Stockade was built in 1835, as a depot and defensive fort, by Major Thomas Mitchell during his exploration of the region. The fort was named after his Excellency Governor Richard Bourke, and it was the only fort ever built by Australian explorers. The replica of the original fort was built in 1983.

Getting There:

  1. Start at the Back O’ Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre. Get the access
    keys. Set the tripometer when leaving the carpark.
    Turn right and follow Mooculta St to the intersection.
  2. 1.1km - turn right into Mitchell St
  3. 1.8km - turn left into Richard St.
  4. 5.7km - take the Louth Rd turnoff to your right. Continue on the Louth Rd.
  5. 13km - turn right through the gate (just before the ramp). Follow the fence line.
  6. 14.3km - turn left through the ramp. (Note: this road becomes narrow at
    times, as you travel along the levee bank).
  7. 17.4km - pass through the gate. Close the gate then take the track to the
    left. (Prior to this gate, the track to the right takes you to a lovely picnic
    spot where you can photograph various bird life).
  8. 17.6km - take the right track for a further 0.3km, and you will arrive at the Fort Bourke
    Stockade and commemorative monument.

Please contact the Back O' Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre on 02 6872 1321 for further information.