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The lock was the first to be built on a river anywhere along the Murray/ Darling-Baaka river systems. Built in 1897, the lock measures 59.5 metres between gates, and is 11 metres wide.

Getting There:

  1. Start at the Back O’ Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre. Set the tripometer when leaving the carpark.
  2. Turn right and follow Mooculta St to the intersection
  3. 1.1km - turn right into Mitchell St.
  4. 1.8km - turn left into Richard St.
  5. 2.4km - turn right into Anson St. Road turns into a gravel road - dry weather only.
  6. 6.2km - turn right at the Y-intersection, and follow until you come to the river.
  7. 7km - you will arrive at the Lock and Weir.
  8. For a better view of the weir and to locate the fishing reserve, travel back to the Y-intersection.
  9. 7.7km - turn right, at the Y intersection.
  10. 8.9km - turn right into the fishing reserve.
  11. 9.7km - you’ll be near the riverbank, with a good view of the lock and weir. The fishing reserve is the next door down-stream from here.

There are many canoe and coolamon trees in this area. To find them, follow the looped road marked “To the canoe tree and site 4”.

Please contact the Back O' Bourke Information and Exhibition Centre on 02 6872 1321 for further information.