Yawura Yarun


Yuwura Yurun, also known as Sandhill track, crosses sandhills and open cypress pine woodlands, taking you into the scrublands of the national park. Yuwura Yurun turns away from Culgoa - unlike Mirri Mirru Yurun (River Bank walk), which sticks closely to Culgoa River - and traverses a wide variety of environments, offering the best glimpse of why Culgoa National Park is a special place.

There is coolabah woodland, Brigalow-gidgee woodland, mulga forests and wide grassland areas, not to mention claypans and sand dunes. Culgoa is remarkable not only for its solitude but its diversity, including its birds and animals too.

Yuwura Yurun is a longer walk, at 10 kilometres, but not particularly difficult, so it’s suitable for moderate fitness. Take your time, perhaps stopping when you find a place to picnic, or there are the tables and barbecue facilities at Culgoa River campground when you’re done.


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