Talpero lookout


Picnic at Talpero lookout and learn about our unique desert ecology, local Aboriginal culture, and the history of pastoralism in Sturt National Park.

You can't miss the 2m tall sculpture of a western barred bandicoot. It's made with offcuts from the same fencing mesh that's been used to create a feral predator-free area here. Golden bandicoots, greater bilbies, and other locally extinct mammals are slowly being reintroduced within these fenced areas.

You can also visit similar sculptures nearby. There's a huge bilby at Cameron Corner and a western quoll at Fort Grey campground.

Talpero is the local Aboriginal name for the western barred bandicoot. It was common in this area before foxes, cats, and other invasive species brought it to extinction.

Although you're unlikely to see nocturnal species here you might spot birds of prey, red kangaroos, emus, goannas, skinks, geckos, and bearded and earless dragons.

Talpero lookout is part of the feral predator-free areas project.


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  • Non Smoking
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  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.