Rising from a perfectly flat landscape, Mount Oxley offers panoramic views of the Outback that stretch for hundreds of kilometres.

Staying overnight atop Mount Oxley provides the opportunity to enjoy some of the Outback's most magical sunsets and sunrises.

The sunsets are often breath-taking, with the landscape exploding into colours; vibrant pinks and purples as far as the eye can see. The view at night is just as spectacular, with billions of stars dancing across the night sky.

Caravaners can stay by the Dry Bogan River, which runs parallel to the Kamilaroi highway. This natural camping area is for self-contained vehicles only (there are no toilet facilities, showers or water).

Rossmore Station also offers visitors an authentic outback accommodation experience. Built in the 1950s, the Shearer's Quarters provides rustic accommodation with views of Mount Oxley from the verandah. Each of the five bedrooms sleep between 2-4 guests and can be booked individually.

The kitchen features original electric and slow-combustion appliances, and the spacious dining room has an enormous table where you can share a meal and stories with other guests.

The toilets, as early Australian tradition dictated, are a 30-metre stroll from the accommodation. Campers requiring water and amenities can also camp nearby the quarters.


  • Family Friendly
  • Barbeque


  • COVID Safe


Rossmore Station 2857 Kamilaroi Hwy, Bourke, 2840, Australia