Mount Grenfell Art Site Walk


On the rocky overhangs of Mount Grenfell art site walk are human figures, animals, medicine, waterways, land, and Dreaming stories depicted in red, yellow, and ochre pigment, applied with a finger or brush. Ochres come from naturally tinted clay and are some of the earliest pigments used by humans. You’ll also see stencils created by blowing a mouthful of pigment over a hand held against the rock face.

It’s only a short, easy walk to view three galleries of this spectacular Aboriginal rock art, which have been layered upon each other over time. The site holds particular significance for Ngiyampaa People, who are traditional owners of this land.

Take your time on this walking route past mallee and cypress pines. Sit and listen to birdcalls, and imagine people gathering here at this meeting place from the surrounding area to talk, laugh, argue, pass on knowledge, record information and take part in ceremonies.


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