Milparinka Day Tour to Sturt's Cairn


After a visit to Milparinka head on out to Mount Poole and the heritage sites attributed to Charles Sturt’s expedition. The drive is well signposted. Sturt spent six months waiting for rain in 1845.

An information shelter at the base of Mount Poole hill provides information about Sturt, the local environment and local Aboriginal heritage. Climb the hill along a well-defined path to view the cairn that Sturt’s men built during their encampment.

Enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding outback landscape.

Take time to visit the grave of James Poole, Sturt’s second in command and the only man to die during this extraordinary expedition. This excursion will bring to life for you the realities faced by Sturt and his men.


2 Loftus Street, Milparinka, 2880, Australia