Middle Road drive


Most people start the drive at Olive Downs Homestead, which dates back to the 1880s and was once the social hub of the area. There is also Olive Downs campground, where you might decide to stay overnight before setting off.

Along the way, you’ll pass gibber (pebble) and saltbush plains, dunes, the famous Dog Fence that runs from Queensland to South Australia, the striking Jump-Ups, the ruins of Binerah Downs Homestead, Lake Pinaroo, and the ghost tree forest caused by the water-logging of the Coolabah trees. If you wish to stretch your legs more or drive further be sure to head along Jump-Up walking track or Jump-Up Loop Road drive.

Stop at one of the watering points along the way, such as Millers Tank, where you might come across a flock of zebra finches or see a wedge-tailed eagle soaring high above.

The drive finishes near Fort Grey on the main road from Tibooburra. Here, you could choose to do the easy Wells walk. Or you could stay overnight at Fort Grey campground before heading home the next day.


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