Nellievale Farm


This is a hosted stay through Hipcamp, below is the information provided by the Host regarding their offering.

Nellievale farm is a multi-purpose 4000 Acre property located in Warren, 175 Km’s NW of Dubbo. The property has operated as a livestock facility since the mid 1850’s and is owned and operated by 5th generation Mr. Warren Berry.Nellievale Camel Farm is home to over 100 camels at any time, providing care and proper welfare for camels mustered from Central Australia.Dromedaries sold from Nellievale Camel Farm must pass a series of stringent tests that dictate overall welfare, well-being, use, and destination of all camels prior to sale.The Berry family has owned and operated Nellievale farm for over 5 generations and are actively involved in cropping, adjistment, running cattle, livestock and camel activities.At Nellievale we aim to change the way Australia manages it’s feral camel population, we believe the feral camel population is a relatively untapped market with great potential