Mutawintji Cultural Festival


The Mutawintji Cultural Festival will serve as a vibrant celebration of Wiimpatja culture on our traditional lands. The focus is to unite communities from all over Australia on the Traditional meeting Grounds of the Barkandji people.

Through dance, storytelling, workshops, and artistic showcases, aiming to highlight the richness and diversity of culture to a national audience.

Last year's festival was a testament to the strength and resilience of the communities in Far West NSW.

Last Year was the first Corroboree on Mutawintji lands in over 150 years on Traditional Ceremonial Grounds, and are determined to make this year's event even more memorable. In addition to showcasing traditional practices, they plan to offer a platform for Indigenous artists from across Australia to exhibit and sell their work, further amplifying the voices of Aboriginal creators and artisans.

August 2024

  • Friday 9th
  • Saturday 10th
  • Sunday 11th


  • Carpark