Milparinka Heritage Trail


A walk around the outback township of Milparinka reveals many of its secrets. There are, of course, the obvious structures, the buildings which remain from the 1880s and 1890s, restored and in use. Amongst the laid out streets and their signs, there are also the ruins of former homes, former shops, former businesses, the post office and the bank.

It's here amongst the sandstone former walls, that the real secrets lie: shards of glass and pottery, old nails, broken horse shoes, wash-tubs, a dairy cellar or two, bottle dumps behind what used to be one of the four hotels.

On the hillside above the town, the remains of the school, and the very uniquely preserved signage that was used in it's time, the spelling of the name of the school with quartz boulders, and a mosaic of the Australian coat of arms. So worth a visit.


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2 Loftus Street, Milparinka, 2880, Australia