Milparinka and Sturt's Steps Touring Route


Imagine being able to follow in the footsteps of Charles Sturt across outback New South Wales’ Corner Country! The Sturt’s Steps Touring Route approximates the route taken by Sturt with interpretive shelters at key intersections and way-finder signage to guide the way to Milparinka, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner or Packsaddle.

Beginning (or ending) in Broken Hill, the 1100 kilometre circular route passes through much of the country Sturt's 1845 expedition crossed including the rugged Barrier Ranges and the sand dunes adjacent to the South Australian border, before zigzagging back to the Mount Arrowsmith Hills and on to Milparinka.

After exploring Milparinka, travellers can visit Sturt's most significant monument near his major camp Depot Glen, climb to the top of Mount Poole to see the cairn and wonder at the amazing 360 degree view.

Continuing on to Fort Grey, the second of Sturt's major camps, the route then reaches the junction of three states at Cameron Corner. A short back-track will take visitors to the road to Tibooburra and Sturt National Park before the sealed road leads back past Packsaddle and on to Broken Hill.

Travellers will learn more about Sturt, Aboriginal heritage, pastoral settlement and mining as they follow the route and by downloading the podcasts and listening to stories from the region as you travel.

Unlike Sturt, today’s explorers are able drive the route. Driver safety is very important in the Outback, so safety videos have been prepared to provide specialist advice about negotiating some of the “obstacles” one might encounter and can be downloaded from the website.

Travellers should always plan their trip with safety in mind and if stranded never leave their vehicle. They should stay on the main roads, try to let people know where they are going, and always carry a good paper map. Not all GPS software works out here and has been known to send people up the garden path (in this case, a rarely used station track). Carry water and food for a few days.

Follow the rules, and everyone will have an amazing journey and get home safely.


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2 Loftus Street, Milparinka, 2880, Australia