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Things To See and Do

Welcome to the Back O' Bourke!

While at the Back O' Bourke you must check out these great experiences!






Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre

Visit the Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre. It will take a while to go through but I guarantee you will enjoy. The Centre gives the visitor a window to the past lives of those that lived, worked and played at the Back O' Bourke. Phone: (02) 68721321.

Back O' Bourke Gallery

The Back O’Bourke Gallery is situated on the banks of the Darling River at North Bourke, 5km north of Bourke. North Bourke is a developing outback tourist village and this beautifully presented gallery houses the studio of one of Australia’s foremost established outback artists, Jenny Greentree. Jen’s art is inspired by the rich Australian outback scenery and together with her husband Steve they have developed a gallery that never ceases to impress the many visitors that pass through its doors. This working commercial gallery is a must see gallery on the ‘Outback art gallery loop’ from Lightning Ridge to Broken Hill and original works and reproductions have found homes around Australia and overseas. Phone: (02) 68724674.

Cruise the Darling on the PV Jandra

This modern paddle vessel is also operated by Bourke Shire Council and part of the new tourist experience at the Back O' Bourke. Buy a package that includes the Exhibition Centre and the Jandra. Say hi to the Captain. Departs from Kidmans Camp. During our main tourist season it runs at 9am and 3pm - Monday to Saturday. In 2016 the Jandra is also cruising on Sunday afternoon from 2:30pm for a two hour cruise. This modern boat was built by Russell Mansell and his family and commissioned in 2000. In fact the 19th of August 2010 was its 10 year anniversary! Further information and tickets available at the Back O' Bourke Information Centre.


Gundabooka National Park

Gundabooka National Park is without doubt the best National Park in the State of NSW. A diverse cultural story, walking trails, camping facilities, rock art and just off the highway. About 50Km south of Bourke. Call in to the National Parks office and pick up a brochure.


Back O’ Bourke Outback Show

Luke Thomas Back O’ Bourke Outback Show. Featuring Camels, Clydesdales, Trick horses, Working Dogs, Bullocks. The Outback Show will be operating from June till September - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 11am.

The Outback Show is held at the back of the Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre.

The funniest show this side of the Black Stump!

Call in at a bush pub!

I think this probably should be number one! There are plenty of great bush pubs and I've not had a bad beer yet. They are all friendly. Favorites include: The Byrock Pub, The Oasis at Enngonia, Fordsy pub at Fords Bridge, Royal Mail at Hungerford (if you can get out there), Outback Inn at Wanaaring, Shindy's Inn at Louth, The Oxford and Port Of Bourke in town; hang on, that’s all of them! For those that are out for a days adventure do the Outback Triangle Pub Crawl. Start early and head to Shindy's Inn at Louth for smoko, then take the back road to Fordsy for lunch before settling in at the Northy for the afternoon. Total distance is about 250Km but its a great drive.

Check out the Crossley Engine

The Crossley Engine is started up at 12 noon each weekday during the visitor season. This large oil fuelled stationary engine has an impressive history and sounds great when fired up. The Crossley is located at the old wharf in town.  

Visit  Mount Oxley

You can't come to the Outback without a visit to Mount Oxley. Go at sunset if you have the chance. It is amazing. About a 40 minute drive from Bourke towards Brewarrina. Get some information from the Back O' Bourke Information Centre along with a permit.

Dine Out Under the Stars at Poetry on a Plate

You haven’t experienced Bourke until you’ve relaxed beneath a Coolabah Tree under the starlit sky, with a campfire of Gidgee coals, whilst sharing a scrumptious meal and experiencing some exceptional Australian poetry, local stories & music. Your host at Poetry on A Plate is Andrew Hull - he will ensure a most memorable & enjoyable evening.

Andrew is renowned  as the “Bard of Bourke” - he’ll have you laughing, crying, reflecting & learning about the iconic part of Australia. Enjoy the slow cooked meals & home made desserts, as well as meeting & conversing with the guests.

Andrew ”loves what he does, & does what he loves”. It’s a night out in Bourke that shouldn’t be missed. The show starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night’s at Kidmans Camp, North Bourke, from April through until October. For more details, check out the website below.