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Destination Outback

Posted on Friday, September 20, 2013

The Inland NSW Tourist Organisation have recently been working with the local tourism industry to come up with a destination management plan for the Outback region of New South Wales.

This is one of the opening statements in the plan and I can't think of a better way to describe the experiences on offer in our part of the world.

Outback New South Wales is a rite of passage: a must do experience that rivals the rock and the reef; an escape from the mundane of everyday to a world like no other; an iconic Australian pilgrimage;   an adventure to the back o’ Bourke and back again.

Our ancient Aboriginal culture stretches back to the dawn of time, but we are custodians of a living culture, evolving with modern life but respecting and honouring the land and our heritage.

Our rugged landscape is ever changing: vast, open and alive with the colour and movement of abundant and iconic Australian wildlife.

Our people love to spin yarns that our visitors never forget; stories of legends and larrikins, of heroes and madmen; tales of black opal, treasure and tragedy.

We promise a brilliant adventure.

We want our visitors to create their own legend on a journey that takes them from the heart of country to the edge of the outback.

Nothing says this better than a visit to Mount Gundabooka or the many other attractions around Bourke. Stay a while!