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Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre

The Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre brings to life the story of Outback New South Wales and the Back O' Bourke.

Take the interactive journey through the early exploration, the riverboat era, the pastoral industry: discover the poets, the bushrangers, the conflicts and the legends… Wander through time from our Indigenous beginnings, our European settlement and our outback characters. From Charles Sturt & Major Mitchell to Charles Bean, Henry Lawson, Captain Starlight, Breaker Morant, Barefoot Harry, Aboriginal Tracker Frank Williams as well as many wonderful women of the best, such as Nancy Bird Walton. 

For a more personal experience come listen to the sounds and stories about these outback legends and colourful characters who made Bourke what it is today.

Explore the majestic gardens surrounding the Exhibition Centre after your visit or enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch.

Purchase the two-day ticket to the Exhibition Centre to fully explore the history of Bourke, and to continue the exploration of Bourke and its many wonders purchase a joint ticket to enjoy a cruise on the PV Jandra. During the busy winter tourist season, the Exhibition Centre is open 7 days per week from 9 am till 5 pm. 

The Back O' Bourke Exhibition Centre is now also home to the Bourke Tourist Information Centre.

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